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What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO is the process of optimizing the effectiveness of your content for search engines to help it rank higher than content from other sites that target the same search terms or keywords. Conversely, if you don’t have effective SEO for your website, it will never perform online.

How does Google measure relevance?

Google will determine the relevance of your page by analyzing its content based on various factors, including where and how often you use specific words within your content. Google also measures authority by the number of links pointing to a specific page and how trustworthy those links are.

6 Important elements of successful SEO

We look at all these aspects and find where we can improve and what we can build on in order to generate you more traffic.

seo seach engine optimisation process

Components of Google's Ranking Algorithms

Trust Authority of the Host Domain
Link Popularity of Specific Page
Anchor Text of External Links to a Page
On Page Keyword Usage
Registration - Hosting Data
Traffic - Click Through Data (CTR)
Web Designer 6.29%
Social Graph Metrics
Web Designer 5.3%

It’s important to remember that all these aspects need to be considered when building your website. It is always easier to build something properly from the start rather than trying to perfect things once they have been built. To better understand how search engines function you can visit this link.

It is important to remember that SEO requirements regularly change, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments. But if you would like your Google rankings to improve, It is important to do things correctly and stay abreast of the latest changes.

Websites that are well-optimized more and more traffic over time, and that means more leads and ultimately more sales. Simply put, without SEO, searchers won’t be able to find your site, and all your effort will be in vain.

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