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Photography, the recording of light chemically or electronically. The aim is to develop an image that communicates, inspires, evokes and transcends time. Working with and creating images is essential to any marketing strategy, advertising campaign and corporate communication. Let us help you communicate your message through striking & engaging visuals. We have years of experience in creating images that connect ideas and emotions, and have a deep understanding of how important visuals are…. and what is required to make them stand out.

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Why is Photography so important

The objective of any advertising or marketing campaign is to sell a product or service, or promote an idea. It doesn’t matter what industry or business you are involved in, sooner or later you are going to need good quality imagery as part of your campaign. You can use photographs as part of your strategy because they perform a variety of functions:

Essentially photographs have the ability of raising an average advertising campaign to one that is incredibly effective. Photographs and images tell stories and people love stories. Images can connect with the viewer on an emotional level, and that is crucial for your customer engagement.

It has been proven that effective photography used on a website can improve your conversion rates substantially, and well worth the investment. Not only that but they improve your engagement rates, your brands awareness and ultimately your brand perception.

Photographs increase the perception of quality

The vast majority of online shoppers use the images of products do decide whether or not to make a purchase. If they like what they see they are far more inclined to make click that buy button. Therefore it’s essential that the images you use to market your products be of the highest quality. The better the quality of the images the higher your customer engagement will be.

Photographs are very versatile

Photographs can be used across a wide range of media, from your website and social media through to your printed media and adverts. People are far more likely to share your visual content if it is of a good quality, up to 40%, and that’s a big difference.

Photographs increase your website traffic

A website with images will receive up to 90% more traffic than one that has none. Images are connected to your SEO presence in a big way. Each image on your website uses descriptions and alt tags which helps search engines understand and identify what your website relates to.  

Improves your brand identity

Images that use correct lighting and capture a subject from the most effective angle help capture the essence and voice of your brand. They help to establish brand identity and indicate what makes your business unique. It is easy to use stock imagery on your website, but remember that thousands of other business are using the same images. Images that are unique and original can increase conversions by as much as 30%. People like to feel unique, and the decisions they make reflect that.

Photographs help customers visualize your products

Photographs show your customers exactly what they are buying. Potential customers like to be able to visualize your product or service as part of their own life, and images do just that. Words can be interpreted in far more ways than images can, therefore people tend to trust them more. So one of the best ways of getting customers to know about your business and what you can do for them is to use photography.

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