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About Us

The Crayon Room Has been operating in creative solutions through wilds ideas since 2006. An enthusiastic team of creatives who love what they do and do it well. The Crayon Room team have established themselves as reliable and conversant with the Crayon Room’s ethos and aesthetic.

Henry Dillon is the Crayon Room’s Art Director and General Manager.  His formal qualifications are in Photography and Film Studies but he has extensive experience in Web Design, Graphic Design and Management.  This blend of skills makes Dillon uniquely qualified to lead the team of creative talents into its incarnation as an effective, efficient business unit.

Michele Hofer is the Productions Manager.  Her formal qualification is in Film Studies where she excelled at the Production aspects and has subsequently worked in the industry in that capacity.  Hofer is the hub around which the Crayon Room turns.  Her ability to manage tight schedules and budgets, ensuring the completion of every project on time, whilst simultaneously managing the often volatile personalities that are so common among talented individuals is invaluable in ensuring that the Crayon Room finds “Creative Solutions though Wild Ideas”.

The Crayon Room offers the full range of Visual Media and advertising services.  In pride of place in the Crayon Room portfolio is its visual offering of photography and cinematography. This service is rendered by experienced visual artists who work together to create unique, effective images for print, web or other visual media.  The visual bouquet is tailored to the specific end user but always retains the aesthetic value of the Crayon Room, in the manner best suited to the image requirements and corporate culture of its clients.  The visual medium often forms the platform from whence many of the Crayon Room’s projects are launched.  Never is this more evident than in the Web Design services offered.  In this medium, the visual component is enhanced by expertly designed graphics, search engine optimized, succinct text and an effective layout.

The range of services offered by the Crayon Room can be combined in any mix to fulfil any client brief.  Cutting-edge 3D graphics and visualizations, more traditional Flash animation, graphic design, photography, cinematography and well researched, articulate copy all combine to produce exceptional training materials, corporate videos of all varieties, web sites, print materials such as company profiles and collateral materials and a host of other services.  The Crayon Room works with its clients to create unique solutions through wild ideas.