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The importance of good graphic design can not be overstated. Whether it’s a logo design, web design, digital stationery, brochure, or banner design that you require, Crayon Room offers a comprehensive corporate identity solution.

As a multidisciplinary agency, we offer our clients a broad range of design  services, whether that be website design, design for print, or designs destined for social media. This means the brands we work with benefit from consistency across all of their communication channels.

We work closely with you to create visual communications that convey a clear, compelling message, helping to build your brand and support the growth of your business.

What we can do for you…

  • Logo
  • Digital Stationery
  • Website Design
  • Brochures
  • Packaging Design
  • Branding
Photographic and photography services
Photography services by the crayon room
graphic design services
Photography services by the crayon room
graphic design services
graphic design services
graphic design
Search Engine Optimisation services
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Why is Graphic Design so important?

Graphic design helps make a great impression

With so much competition among businesses across all industries it is important to make powerful impressions on your target audience. Power impressions last and make bold statements that instil trust. These kinds of impressions help customers remember your product and eventually your brand.

Establishes a unique identity for your brand

Graphic design helps you create a solid and lasting brand identity, a crucial aspect in any marketing campaign. The best example of a strong brand identity is your business logo. This is the main link between your business and potential customers. This explains why so many successful companies focus so much energy on a unique powerful logo. That concept alone explains the importance and value of graphic design in your business.

Graphic are are a powerful form of communication

Designs cut out the need for language, meaning anyone can interpret them, also known as semiotics. By using powerful images, colours, shapes and layout you can convey a message far more powerful than words can in a fraction of the time. In the simplest terms, graphics used correctly can make a message clearer and more straightforward.

Graphics are an indicator of professionalism

Every design related to your business is a reflection of your professionalism. Your logo, leaflets and brochures all the way through to your email signature distinguish your business and product from others. If your designs look tacky and generic your potential customers will assume that your service or product are on the same level.

Graphic design builds credibility

Good quality designs will help your brand establish credibility with your audience. This credibility plays an important role especially in highly competitive business environments. Customers will always be more likely to trust businesses with better credibility and your graphic design is a highly effective way of achieving this. So if you want to establish credibility always use good quality graphic design.

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