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Graphic Design & Multi Media

Graphic Design – every time you blink, visual communication is everywhere in our world and great designs communicate the right message at the right time.

In the words of Saul Bass, “Design is Thinking made Visual”  At The Crayon Room we work with our clients to develop designs for print and web, it all starts with a strategy and moves to a concept that is a strong idea that ends in a  purposeful intention that is the final product and communicates – precisely & exactly.


  • Corporate Identity Development (logo design)
  • Print and Web Media
  • Catalogs
  • CD Covers
  • Package Design
  • Brochures and Business Cards
  • Annual Reports and Power Point Presentations
  • Corporate Publications
  • Digital Brochures
  • anything else you can think of… we’ll design it

We provide graphic design solutions for print media, web and internet exposure, as well as video and other new media. 

There are various ways to communicate your message, idea, or product to consumers or potential clients. This is why at The Crayon Room our in house designers and media strategist go one-step further to adding the final touches to the desired outcome. Multi media makes full use of audio, video, and animation to engage, attract, and interact with the target market. 
Flash animation is the ideal solution for delivering presentations, animations, and to enhance web sites, reaching your target audience, delivering a visual and interactive feast that show cases your company through the movement of visuals.