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An advertising strategy is a plan to reach, engage and persuade a customer to buy a product or service. At The Crayon Room we believe that for a strategy to be truly effective it needs to stop interrupting what people are interested in, and rather BE what customers are interested in. How do we achieve this?
Through conversations that discover, uncover and discard. We’re passionate about our business partners and dig deep into your collective experience, knowledge, challenges and successes to identify all the elements necessary to deliver a “kick ass” offering to your target market. Great strategy, like design, is achieved not when there is nothing else to add… but rather, when there is nothing else to discard. We interview your business partners, your front line staff, your key rainmakers and your management team to gather real intelligence; you’re not paying us to guess, you’re paying us to deliver results. We become an extension of your business and through the process, aim to become subject matter experts in your business and the challenges you face.

Through this process, two things emerge:
1.    A formal positioning statement that specifies what your product or service IS, how it is differentiated from competing products and services, and what the optimum packaging of this product or service is.
2.    A very clear picture of who our target consumers are, what they look like, what their life looks like, and how we’re going to engage and interact with them most effectively.

These two aspects of your business are what we live, eat, sleep and breathe as your advertising agency. It’s been a rough two years economically and we get that you don’t have unlimited financial resources to market your business; neither do we, and when it comes down to choosing the communication media we’re going to develop advertising material around, we treat your business as our own to ensure we’re getting the optimum plan for the budget you have available.
We have extensive experience on the other side of the fence, we’ve sold advertising space for “household name” publishing brands on both a print and digital perspective; worked on custom magazines and newspapers; we’ve even launched our own community magazine INSPHERE for Port Elizabeth and our deep understanding of how our media partners operate translates into far more effective media spend for your business. Every aspect of your strategy is developed in partnership with you; nobody knows your business better than you do and we’re always guided by our conversations with you to ensure we’re not only delivering the optimum strategy for your business, but also the optimum solution for you.