Child Witness


NGO Website

Based in Port Elizabeth, the Child Witness website serves to educate as well as engage the public as to the issues facing children when dealing with the law.

This client is special to us indeed, two woman who run an NGO that focuses on educating and protecting children that have been witness or a victim to a crime. Since the launch of their website they now work through out Africa and have made strides through tireless work to help make better an imperfect system.

When we first meet the two Karens of Child Witness they had no corporate identity and where unsure of what needed to be done. We started with brand identity and moved on to the website that is heavily informational based. They needed exposure and needed it fast! The website was created with a two fold strategy, everything that one needs (the tool kit) and then the imagery to make a very serious website  engaging, but we needed their long hours of work to show through on the site as well. And what imagery do you use to show the gravity of  the situation and how they can help?  That’s where the idea of using the publications that they create to teach and help those that are in the system came about. With a small budget this original art work was perfect, it reflects the work, the website and communicated visually what its all about with out the use of non reflective stock images. Child Witness has since accumulated clients through out Africa and is constantly taking part in a silent revolution to help children all over Africa.

Since the launch of this website we have also been privileged enough to have  done the graphic design and photography for some of the covers of their educational books and created videos that aid them in the courses they run. This website is also a CMS website and is updated by the organisation as they grow. It is a real privilege to work with such wonderful people and assist them in the ever changing world of visual communication.

We are also responsible for hosting the website as well as maintaining it.