Reuel Bosche


Artists Website

Reuel Bosche is an airbrush artist based in Jeffreys Bay who’s website is completely based around his artistic portfolio.

Our Art Director meet Reuel at an art exhibition, nothing strange about that. But, its the next part that we find interesting and fun! He told our Art Director that he can air brush a painting in under 45 minutes 26 minutes to be exact. Really? Never! Reuel insisted he could and if he did The Crayon Room would have to do a website for him for free. So began the haggle for the challenge had been set, they negotiated until they thought the service offering was fair. Two artist’s of different trades putting their talent were there mouth is. The day came and The Crayon Room team arrived at Reuel’s studio. Yes, he did paint the most exquisite nude in under 45 minutes and it was impressive. Much to the delight of our Art Director we got the project, and through the years that Reuel has been our client under our guidance for his website is also CMS based he now updates his own website has a face book platform and does his own video’s.  It shows artists can market themselves with the right creative team behind them. The Crayon Room also provides hosting the website as well as performs regular updates on behalf of Reuel.